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Stylish landing page!

2019-03-21 23:50:20

Small profile bugs have been ironed out so that you can flex in style!

Show of your anime cred' with an imported or updated watch list on your profile page with the hard earned achievements to match. Profile pictures will now display properly so that you can rep your waifus, or husbandos. Core functionality of the site revolves around the new landing page, so be sure to keep your profile pics updated seasonal waifus peak weekly after all. - Kyledit

Pro Utilization is Here!

2018-10-03 01:35:40

Advanced search, landing page customization, sortable-subtags, and more...

This update focuses on giving users control over how they want to use the site. You are now able to narrow down your search results using the advanced search page, sort by genre, source, studio, format and by the new sub-tag feature. Sub-tags, short for, "sub-genre tag" allow a quick read on what specific genre of show is underneath the genre tab. To enable finer control, the clutter filter can be turned off in settings-anime to display sequels, prequels and spin-offs of the original show while you use advanced search. To keep with the theme of greater site control, the landing page is now unlocked and can be changed to your profile, the weebhub page, as well as the new advanced search page.
There are also a couple neat ways to show your stats! On your profile you can opt into showing your average score for shows on nymh.moe . And you can also show off your percent of all anime completed on your profile based on either the total amount of anime or the amount listed on nymh.moe. Finally notifications will display the the number in your notification page until they are deleted.

Bug Fixes

In order to keep nymh.moe in top shape a few bugs have been weeded out. The sidebar on the anime filter now displays properly, all buttons on the site should update their respective page correctly, a small bug on the genre page was fixed, MAL import scores now display, and the profile avatar will now refresh when you refresh the avatar. If you find a new bug, and believe that it is a result of the site and not your computer send an email to [email protected] - Kyledit

Recently Added

2018-09-14 23:49:22

We forgot to add the Recently Added section to weebhub with the last update, you can find that on the main weebhub page below random. - Nymh

Friends update!

2018-09-14 00:58:10

Friends/unfriend, messages, replies, block/unblock, notifications, and Konsuba registration form.

Major utility update!

This update pushes out massive changes in the usability and utility of the site. Several new features have been added, with the most prominent being the addition of friends. Within the profile of another user you now have varied options for interacting with them. Add and remove other users as friends allowing you to share direct messages within the site, or block and unblock other users at your discretion. Alongside this feature comes the notifications list which can be found in the top right dropdown under your username. This feature contains a log to help you keep track of messages you may receive from other users. In addition to the changes to user profiles and friends, you are now able to import your anilist. In order to import your anilist go to settings, import, and enter your anilist username.
The final addition to the site is a redesigned registration form, mimicking the infamous axis cult registration found in Konosuba. These changes reflect a huge turning point in the usability of the site, these features will only improve over time, and with interaction with members of the anime community like you. Thank you for your continued support of Nymh.moe! - Kyledit

Updates soon to roll out.

2018-09-03 14:38:42

With the start of collage again I was about to push a new update but decided against it,One of the updates I did push however was the user settings. The other updates have been delayed due to I want to clear up some of the bugs currently existing and if possible add some new features to the website before the next update. If you are staff feel free to opt into beta to test functions and help me find bugs. - Nymh

MAL imports!

2018-08-08 05:44:26

Right before Monster Hunter World I'm releasing the MAL xml import. You can find it under settings.
Anilist import is planned, settings will get styled later, sometime.... Maybe. - Nymh

Achievements now out!

2018-07-26 00:00:26

Achevments pushed, more will be added soon. - Nymh

Site rerelease V2 out now!

2018-07-24 03:00:15

Wow... It has been a long road of development, but V2 is now out! This update was a complete rewrite of the website, from the ground up. This is not the end of nymh.moe. However, I'm still planning more updates but I wanted to push this update specifically as it included more functions and a much-needed redesign.
Starting at the top there's now a random button for weebhub and weebhub has its own tab now! With that, you can go to the main weebhub page including 20 random anime, the genre page, source, studio, type and year! Inside of the filter pages, you will now have a nav bar on the side to jump to other categories. Back to the top nav bar, magnet has been removed, dance has been updated and we now have a search bar finally! With that, you can search anime and users at the same time. Now onto the last one, on the right where your name is displayed after logging in, you have the ability to edit your profile now, including things such as profile background, changing avatar, profile color and anime settings. The gender, country and age are optional to opt into, a function for that is planned in the future. Back to the main page FAQ and Security now have their own tabs and they should be able to answer most of your questions but just for the sake of explaining it here, yes we do track your ip AFTER you login for security purposes. Now we will jump into the anime pages themselves, now we display type, episodes, duration, studio, score, year and synonyms on the left. The score is pulled from Anilist and is the average score of that anime. Related and genre display better now and correctly. The bookmark button is now consistent, no longer changes to removed but will still prompt you to login if you are not. Clicking the bookmark button now brings up a new window letting you select the status of the anime and score, score is only displayed on completed anime currently but may change at some point. Keep in mind the scores are out of 100. Now going to the profile pages staff members have badges on the top letting users know who they are and what team they are apart of, gif avatars are also exclusive to staff at this moment. Last online is an optional thing to display can be changed in your settings if you so wish, about will display once something is set. At the bottom of the profile, you now have Bookmarked, Compleated and Abandoned. Along with all those visual changes we have also made changes to security and the site should run smoother now. - Nymh

Weebhub now has 868!

2018-06-16 21:01:24

Wow, it's done. 868 anime is in weebhub currently. As always more will be added as I watch stuff. If you notice I'm missing a sequel, prequel, OVA, ect.. then send me an email at [email protected] if you notice a bug or think I should add another feature send an email to me. I have some design changes coming down the pipeline eventually and maybe someday ill fix the score display. - Nymh

Anime updates

2018-06-07 01:51:19

Oof, this is a large update mainly regarding Weebhub and the anime in it. On the anime info pages, you can now click on Studios, Source, Type, Aired, Episodes and Genres to see more anime in those categories. Additionally, you will see related anime at the bottom of the info page. However, I might not personally recommend some shows in the series regardless you can bookmark an entire series if that's what you want in life. Currently, the Score section is empty due to the MAL API dying so that will be fixed later. Clicking the anime cover will now bring you to Anilist.co instead of MAL. Profile changes will be coming later once I sort out some stuff on them. With this update 50 anime were added to the Weebhub recommendations and 100+ in total with the addition of related anime, more will be coming soon.- Nymh

Registration is now open!

2018-04-20 19:03:09

Wow, it's done. 868 anime is in weebhub currently. As always more will be added as I watch stuff. If you notice I'm missing a sequel, prequel, OVA, ect.. then send me an email at [email protected] if you notice a bug or think I should add another feature send an email to me. I have some design changes coming down the pipeline eventually and maybe someday ill fix the score display. - Nymh