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What is nymh.moe?

nymh.moe is a site that I use to practice my web development skills and also weebhub.

What is weebhub?

Weebhub is anime that I recommend. Not a anime list website such as MAL or AniList.

How are scores generated?

Scores are pulled from the AniList.co API.

When is more anime getting added to weebhub?

As I watch anime more will be added.

Can I request anime to be added to weebhub?

You can yes, will they get added maybe. To request one send me an email at [email protected] or send me a MAL message myanimelist.net/profile/Nymh

The time when I created my account is wrong

The time is record by the server timezone that is America, Denver

Why do you have an update stats button when my profile auto updates?

The purpose of the update stats button is to update your watch time and some achievements when you want to force an update, other wise it will update every 24 hours. By default only the days watched updates pressing the update stats button will update days,hours and minutes. Update stats also updates the achievements that would otherwise take longer to process.

Why do you require an email

Mainly for forgotten passwords and if we ever need to contact you. We never validate the emails but if you forgot your password you will be unable to retrieve your account if you put in a fake email.

What information on users is kept

Only what Google Analytics tracks, your IP and if you opt into the info in the settings page

Why do you need my IP

For security purposes.

Why do you have an option to set Gender,Country and Age

Even tho Google Analytics tracks it, you have the option of setting it and it will go into our user statistics. Again it's just an option you can set it if you want, they wont display on your profile.